io++280 - you're driving me insane! (pre-velvets and the original invasion from essex 1964)

08.03.13, 20:45:21 von siemers
() the beachnuts and the roughnecks and the primitives used to make you believe they were the first incarnations of the velvets: far from it! the saxons from east saxonia (uk) in 1964 invented all the things and sounds lou reed and john cale claimed as their own at the same time at the borstal tea party. in fact the saxons did it two days earLIEr in bedlam. this here is the knucking fnordprinz blurprint for you know you're driving me insane. and for your listening pleasure and your bleeding ears there is emily procter playing games on the worldfrauenver1967STEHERday, but miss understands ben cash and the cashtones. auf&ablösung wie immer nebernan in der spurensicherung.

|>> the saxons into ben cash - draggin' around with emily

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