io++081 - cocoon als sie noch verborgener nicht cocoon waren. etwa 1985 um hannover.

30.11.08, 13:25:15 von siemers
und noch mehr 39 clocks und verwandtes, verwundetes und verwunderndes.

zwei demo-aufnahmen von der band aus der dann kurz danach cocoon wurde; zwei stücke, die tief in der spurensicherung versteckt waren und euch nun näher ans herz gehen sollen.

after relapsing one too many splits of the 39 clocks jürgen gleue formed or joined exit out and simultaneously teamed up with matthias arfmann of kastrierte philosophen fame, free jazz legends gunter hampel and thomas keyserling and the unfailing rüdiger klose to perform and record first as "the trip", then later unknown as "the great recordings" permutating into "cocoon", for some abominately reasons ignored despite their two wonderful albums "while the recording engineer sleeps" and the postumous "stretching things".

two tracks of these prae-cocoon bands survived and though they are not all too significantly different to the versions released on the wonderful album "while the recording engineer sleeps" (recorded in 1985, released in 1989), you can find them here: bad copy of second generation of copied tape...

the trip aka the great recordings aka cocoon: gunter hampel (vibraphone, flutes, voices, clarinette, etc), matthias arfmann (guitars, keyboards, voices), rüdiger klose (precisest accurate drums), thomas keyserling (saxohones, flute) and jürgen gleue aka JG39 (bass, guitars and voice).

- teenage dope slaves
- you complain

|>> the cocoon - zwei demos

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  1. martinf sagt:
    "stretching things" is no postumous release. i've seen cocoon perform the songs in hannover after the studio recordings and kathrin aichinger said they sounded live better than in the studio. had the same experience with the brötzmanns, they sounded live better than on "last home".
  2. sagt:
    cant get over this. will recommend this to my friends.

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