io++225 - achduheiligescheissebeatles - pete best und die monks sind hier two stay

07.10.11, 20:45:00 von siemers
best of the beatles. too lazy to compose? awright... the one best band in the world are the monks (on mondays, fridays and x-mas)why should they torture synapses to write another pointless song, as long as they could be sure that it's all about HOW, not WHAT they play. On the other end of the global sausAGE, pete best, the rest of the beatles after the suckers gave him the boot, had a similar idea, but at least quoted the originator of the song... no; didn't!! to cut a short longing story shirt: it's ike turner (i can't teen-a turner) (i cunt turn a teener), who wrote "i'm blue", and both of the best just nicked it a bit without paying royal-teeth. wasn't a hit either way, but should have both. we do. wie du.

|>> pete best / the monks - beat it!

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