io++226 - the rutles haben nicht nur die beatles nicht verstanden. sondern auch die byrds gevögelt.

07.10.11, 21:16:10 von siemers
beat against the walls of ignorance: the other best band in the world (on wednesdays and holidays) are the rutles. they didn't even consider composing, and rather screwed leggy mountmushroom with songs they stole elsewhere. like this one. (released in 1966 on cbs and covered by the ruthless rutles in 1978). tony jackson - sacked by a temperance church choir by the name of the searchers for drinking problems and further absolutely average antics - tried to get his weary feet back on the ground in manyfold styles, but this charming byrds-rip-off is...well least (the hour's getting late) anyway, the rutles got hold of it and shamelessly slaughtered it. just to please you...

and we forgot to mention the tony jackson group who created the original version of this=here rutles fake-off-the beatles in 1966 and so we do now: the tony jackson group not five.

|>> the tony jackson group / rutles - number one

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