io++331 - ein azetat mit acht minuten softpsych-protopostkrautboogie; irgendeine ahnung wer das ist?

22.05.15, 20:36:43 von siemers


strange: this is an acetate disc, probably recordable just one time. no year of recording or any other information can be found on the label or on the cover except for a telephone number and a note (name) reading something like "Maden." or "Madeu."

the music starts with a psychodeleric first strike but pretty soon it smoothes down to some sort of soft rock followed by a guitar solo and an even longer piano solo, very clean, very competent, like in the long versions of 'light my fire' but completely omitting the madness. after about eight minutes a kraut flute steps in and the end is marked by a kosmische organ sound, very obscure. i cut together side one and side two for a seamless experience of this strange platter. i guess it was recorded in 1972, but i can be proved completely wrong and everybody but me knows this is bruce springsteen or any other mediocre singer and songwriter. i hope you can help all of us.

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