wise noise. lieferung #053. meri von kleinsmid in brief.

09.08.06, 14:53:30 von siemers
composer, sound-artist and phonographer meri von kleinsmid was classically trained and educated in western music and ethnomusicology. her primary aim has been to create work that challenges the listener psychologically, with a variety of approaches.

her work ranges from 1986's live and cassette-recorded "have a spinach salad..." (latibulum records), to 2002's "chi-tape" (american archive recordings) - a 62-minute odyssey through the dregs of chicago, to her current work, comprised mostly of electronically-manipulated sounds from diverse sources, exemplified by her newest cd "ex vivo" (mimeograph), as well as eps on internet lables and works included on international compilations. she occasionally collaborates with other artists, and has performed live on stage and radio.

she studied music academically since grammar school (flute and choir), studied with private tutors for piano and violin, and at the university of washington and columbia college in chicago, studied theory, the history of western music and ethnomusicology. she has been a collector of found sound since age eight.

in 2000 she released the track "agatha liest einen brief" on a long defunct german mp3-server. "agatha reads a letter" was originally released on sonicabal 2 in 2001 and on a limited sampler of demo recordings meri compiled in 1999. the german version though seems to be slightly different. most of you will not have heared either of these tracks: starting to explore the kleinsmid universe with the best hidden and most rare track seems to be totally appropriate. enjoy. (by the way: wise noise lieferung #054 features a reverential siemers re-make/re-model of that track.)


|>> meri von kleinsmid - agatha liest einen brief

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