io++261 - rarerarest british beat nebenan: a preview of/to tommyknockers #17

31.08.12, 20:41:48 von siemers
british noise for your pleasure: nebenan in der spurensicherung haben wir tausende von seltensterensten britischen musiken aus den sechzigern zusammengestellt: eine vorschau auf die siebzehnte kompilation gibt es hier und heute zu hören.

just a minute... it's great to receive the "alcoholic of the year"-award, but i'm in no way associated with the rolling stones.

previewing tommxknickers 17 we have the nomads from london with an unreleased 1964 recording of a song better known in the interpretation of ray charles and a couple of other masters of the organ. following seamlessly are the mark five from edinburgh with a gay tango a-go-go. hidden track at the tailend should be easy to decipher. if not: call in and be spanked. with a nine-tailed feather.

|>> tommyknockers 17 preview - krawumm!

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